Vivian Imerman Chairman

Vivian Imerman has a twenty five year track record of growing and turning around businesses in a wide range of situations and environments.

Vivian is an industrialist who combines entrepreneurial thinking with multi-national disciplines. Vivian began by building corporations in South Africa, and later broadened his geographical focus to Europe, Asia and South America. As a result, Vivian has experience of both, mature markets and informal, emerging markets. He has experience of owning and leading both private and public companies in various stages of their life cycle in food, consumer, manufacturing, chemical, industrial and mining sectors.

Vivian's achievements include the turnaround of Del Monte and most recently Whyte & Mackay, tripling the value of the business in less than five years and delivering £400m of equity value, a 400x multiple on the equity invested. Since exiting Whyte and Mackay, Vivian has been driving the development of the Vasari Resources, purchasing significant stakes in a number of public and private mining businesses.

Vivian works with a small team who have a full set of strategic, financial and operational capabilities. Vivian and his team identify value, conduct due diligence, create a business plan, and work together to deliver it. Vivian and his team also draws on his extended team of associates, which include business consultants, manufacturing experts, and his legal team. Vivian believes in working closely with management and rewarding them for success.